Monday, 2 January 2012

Friends forever :)

Friends for Yesterday, today 
& tomorrow..
Thru joy and sorrow..
Even when we go our separate ways..
On the roads we must follow...
for the memories we make..
the joy were share..
lets close ..
and not let the miles come between

We shared smiles..
We wipes the tears..
and through the years..
Our friendship has grown..
along with us..
You are truly a wonderful part
of my life...

 good friends are like stars..
you don't always see me..
you know I always there..

a real friends is hard to find..
difficult to leave..
and impossible to forget..

you make my days become wonderfull..
please don't leave me..
 you make being friends..
as easy as breathing..

a friends is one of the nicest thing
to have..
and is one of the nicest thing 
to be..

a friends is someone..
who thinks you are..
 the good egg..
even though you are slightly cracked..

Friends like you are special..
You are the flower in the garden of life..
We found a friendship..
so powerful and true
That i know it'll be last forever..

 bestfriend forever
p/s : kawan biarlah ikhlas :) salah dan silap kawan tegur lah .. semoga persahabatan makin mesra..

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