Monday, 13 February 2012

Special For Awak -.-'

 picture from incik google

AWAK are not the FIRST one in my heart 
but SAYA will make sure you will be the AKHIR in my heart..
lets KITE pray together about relation KITE.. 
and SAYA hope it will be GEMBIRA forever till the AKHIRNYE..
SAYA hope our relation get RESTU from people surround us.. 
and SAYA hope KITE can take care of our interaction limit..
please guide me to be wonderful MUSLIMAH..
and SAYA will guide you to be great MUSLIM..
KITE should always remember that our relation cannot more than our love to ALLAH..
KITE must CINTA because of ALLAH.. 
this CINTA come from ALLAH..
so, KITE should use this CINTA for the right way..
always remembering me about the IBADAH..
Because SAYA need someone to guide me to the way that lead to SYURGA...
 SEBELUM sing a songs of CINTA
SEBELUM say words of CINTA...
TOLONG say ZIKIR words for me...

WORD tadika BY saya! makcik! menaip ketika HEART ni tengah dijahit..dan FEELING tengah mengile..-.-'

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